Diversity4Tech at MWC Barcelona

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Diversity4Tech. Accelerating Change through MWC.

MWC Barcelona 2022’s Diversity4Tech invites the mobile industry and broader technology community to expanding conversations on the wider case for diversity and Inclusion.

Solutions for diversity, equality and inclusion contribute to the global industry’s drive for continued innovation and sustainable growth, all indispensable to the bottom line.

Together, we can act as a catalyst for change and influence action that impact business, individuals, and well-being of societies that thrive.

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D4T Activities

D4T activities welcome global thought leaders who inspire, connect and share solutions for equality, diversity and inclusion

Expanding conversations on the wider case for Diversity & Inclusion

Dexter Caffey, Founder and CEO of Smart Eye Technology highlights the D&I multiplier effect. And reveals why he flew teams across the world to Diversity4Tech.

“Working with women & minority-owned businesses strengthens that entire community.”

Mary Clark, Chief Product Officer and P&L Leader, TMT Sector discusses why D&I drives innovation – and why it’s time for a paradigm shift in hiring.

“It’s putting people in a position where they can thrive, just by being themselves.”

Milos Maricic, President and CEO of Altruist League discusses taking inspiration from smaller companies – and discovering exciting new perspectives at Diversity4Tech.

It’s amazing to learn from other people – especially on a topic like diversity and inclusion

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A diverse culture is key for enhanced performance and success.

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