GSMA Programmes

*5G IoT Summit: Reinventing the World with IoT in the 5G Era*

5G IoT Summit: Reinventing the World with IoT in the 5G Era

The Internet of Things technologies have enabled connections between technology and people. With Massive IoT fully embracing the benefits of 5G and Licensed LPWA technologies (LTE-M & NB-IoT), mobile operators continue to provide always-on, secure, well covered and highly scalable connectivity and services, enable a wide range of IoT solutions and applications for consumers and businesses across multiple industry verticals, including aviation, healthcare, Industry 4.0, smart mobility, cities & transportation, utilities, etc., deliver trusted and cost-effective capabilities, support the economic growth and protect the environment against climate change.

The GSMA flagship IoT event at MWC Barcelona 2022, 5G IoT Summit previously known as Mobile IoT Summit, will gather the most knowledgeable IoT industry experts to share the growth, development, mega trends, successes and opportunities of Massive IoT in the 5G Era, Critical IoT with Big Data and Edge, and the business landscape of eSIM in the market.

*Digital Leaders Programme*

Digital Leaders Programme

The mobile industry has never been more important to the world's citizens and economy. Its power to connect people, industry, and ecosystem will empower them to tackle the challenges of the global pandemic. With increasing vaccination rates, the world is hopefully on a journey to return to growth, supported by the power of connectivity. However, a lot remains to be done: how can we best unleash the power of connectivity to support socio-economic recovery?

Following the success of the Digital Leaders Programme (DLP) in 2019 & 2021 at MWC Shanghai, we are taking the DLP to MWC Barcelona in 2022. The new edition will initiate conversations among key stakeholders across the public and private sector, especially from leading metropolis to discuss emerging business opportunities to propel the organic growth of cities. The programme aims to strengthen a shared vision and an appetite for partnerships to accelerate digital transformation.

The DLP will gather digital leaders across industries, including signatories of the Digital Declaration, to discuss opportunities to expand the adoption of mobile technologies such as 5G and its applications across verticals to shape the cities of tomorrow. Four innovative cities will be selected and joined by leading 5G adopters from vertical industries to share lessons learned, considerations for enabling policy environments, and best practices in partnership models. The programme will also address the challenges and digital solutions for city economies to move towards decarbonisation and advancing towards the 2030 Agenda targets.

This RoundTable session is by Invitation Only

*Diversity4Tech Summit*

Diversity4Tech Summit

Diversity4Tech builds on the industry’s commitment to diversity and inclusion as a core ingredient of business strategy, essential for sustainable growth and continued innovation, all indispensable to the bottom line.

MWC Barcelona 2022 is a unique opportunity to convene the industry, expanding conversations to include the transformative value, impact and long-term benefits of D&I across the connected industry.

Diversity4Tech supports a unified purpose and joint vision necessary to facilitate change, drive innovation and accelerate post-covid economic growth. Together we can act as a catalyst for change, influence others to advocate for change, and acknowledge those that successfully impact individuals, businesses, and societies to thrive.

Diversity4Tech. Accelerating Change, Driving Value and Purpose.

*eSIM Seminar: eSIM Adoption and Global Market Trends*

eSIM Seminar: eSIM Adoption and Global Market Trends

According to the GSMA intelligence “eSIM: State of the consumer market and the road ahead” report by 2025, 2.4 billion smartphone connections will use eSIM globally. As market adoption grows and eSIM becomes part of day-to-day business, having a clear roadmap and strategy will be crucial to capture and monetise the new opportunities presented by eSIM.

This eSIM Seminar will focus on the adoption of the eSIM and trends of the global market. This event will provide the opportunity to meet with top-level experts from the esIM industry, Operators, Device Manufactures, Service Providers and others, to explain the opportunities and the eSIM solutions for market challenges.

*Open RAN Summit*

Open RAN Summit

Mobile Infrastructure supply chain needs innovation and growth to meet the demands of our changing Digital Society. Open RAN is emerging as a critical path to increase choice and flexibility to meet new use cases. At MWC Barcelona we will convene to discuss the momentum behind Open RAN, the maturity of solutions and paths to increase adoption of Open RAN principles.

*Telco Cloud & Edge Summit*

Telco Cloud & Edge Summit

The Telco Edge Cloud (TEC) workstream at the GSMA brings together key industry experts to collaborate towards creating guidelines and development in the cloud initiatives, and aims to promote compatibility, portability and interconnection of parallel deployments.

The TEC Forum currently consists of 22 operators and platform providers.

This initiative brings together thought leaders in the Edge space to discuss key challenges and opportunities to ultimately understand the collaborative industry actions required to drive change. As well as larger summits, which allow us to get higher-level messages out to our audiences, the GSMA also runs smaller roundtables (chaired by Telefonica and MobiledgeX) which are more focused on action-oriented outputs.