Industries at MWC Barcelona connecting the ecosystem

We are on the journey to digital everything, and we the telecom sector can't get there by ourselves, it will take boundary-pushing leaders and innovating powerhouses from across all sectors to truly achieve a digital future.

For 2022, MWC Barcelona embeds the connected industries drive deeper into the roots of the conference programme, the exhibition and the networking features of the event. Specifically honing on the FinTech, Manufacturing, Automotive and Health industries, the digital innovation in each of these sectors will feature across the entire event experience.

Finance of the future

How will our economies work in ten years’ time? How will finance evolve for the digital age? Join industry leaders to explore the union of financial services and information technology.

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Automotive at MWC BarcelonaThe technology driving how we travel

Discover how 5G technology is revolutionising the automotive industry, transforming how we get from A to Z – as well as creating safer, greener, more convenient travelling experiences for everyone.

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The evolution of Manufacturing

We examine how far manufacturing has come, thanks to technology. Join us to explore the latest business trends impacting the industry and the best practices for digitally reshaping and optimising the factory floor.

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*Revolutionising healthcare with 5G*

Revolutionising healthcare with 5G

Whether it’s using a 5G connection to perform the first tele-mentored surgery, to overcoming the challenges of uncertain times – MWC Barcelona is where the healthcare industry looks to the future.

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