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Manufacturing belongs at the heart of the world's largest connectivity event. Network with the most influential names in the sector at #MWC22 and #4YFN22 and learn the true value of connectivity.

*The future of Manufacturing starts at #MWC22*

The future of Manufacturing starts at #MWC22

This year, we welcome a global audience, comprising everyone from hardware manufacturers to government ministers, all hungry to explore the evolution of the connected factory.

As smart manufacturing IoT connections are set to triple between 2020 and 2025 to reach 1.5 billion*, we look forward to the automation of supply chains, minimising costs, green efficiencies and reduction of human injury.

Join us to maximise your business goals, connect with potential leads by showcasing your own innovations and products – and find out the true potential of industry 4.0.

*Smart manufacturing:5G engineers the future of IoT GSMA Intelligence June 2021

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Technology is reimagining manufacturing, enhancing efficiency and improving safety. If you want to see the future of our sector, or have a vision to evolve it, contact our team to find out how you can exhibit or sponsor. Don’t miss your chance to connect with leaders and grow your business.

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*The biggest players in Manufacturing will be here*

The biggest players in Manufacturing will be here

This is where over 1,000 of the biggest names from the manufacturing industry get bigger! In 2019, clients hosted an average of 60 meetings which they rated as excellent. Get ready to unlock the value of exhibiting at the industry’s most influential connectivity event and join the iconic brands who have attended in recent years.

MWC’s Manufacturing highlights

Manufacturing is essential to the global economy, and its outputs can be worth well over 10% of GDP in advanced economies*. Explore some of our featured highlights and learn how manufacturing is shaping up for the future.

*GSMA report: Factory Efficiency 5G Era IoT Use Cases and Benefits, November 2020

5G IoT for Industries 4.0

Manufacturing is undergoing a major generational shift. Industry 4.0, the digitisation and advancement of the manufacturing processes and ecosystem, is set to create far more flexible, efficient and sustainable production lines. Discover how modern 5G networks provide tailored and intelligent solutions to enhance the end-to-end manufacturing process.

Industrial applications for mobile-enabled drones

The Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) market is one of the fastest growing and innovative sectors of IoT, presenting huge commercial and strategic opportunity. This session explores the potential of using drones for remote delivery, aerial reconnaissance, asset inspection, emergency response, agricultural automation, manufacturing and even personal transport.

Network with the biggest names in Manufacturing

Get Involved with Manufacturing @MWC

This is the place for Manufacturing mavens to showcase your vision and ambition to industry leaders and help shape the future of smart factories – as well as your business. Join us as we reconnect, reimagine, and reinvent.

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