MWC22 Technology Partners

Discover the technology partners powering the world’s most influential connectivity event

Technology is ever adapting. But it takes imagination, inspiration and a lot of innovation to shape it to our ever-changing needs.

For 2022, we’re inviting attendees who want to take part physically, or virtually. Our technology partners play a huge role at MWC Barcelona. But because of this hybrid offering, they’re even more relevant than ever.

We’re working together to enhance networking experiences, create a touchless environment and implement safety measures at every step of the journey. Read on to meet our technology partners for 2022.

*The GSMA and Microsoft join forces*Announcing our official video conferences and video meeting partner

The GSMA and Microsoft join forcesAnnouncing our official video conferences and video meeting partner

MWC Barcelona has always championed the hottest innovations and cutting-edge technology. And now we’re proud to partner with Microsoft as our official video conferences and video meeting partner, an essential part of the MWC22 attendee and enterprises journey, as well as a key contributor in shaping our future digital strategy.

Working together – bringing the ecosystem together

Our collaboration with Microsoft (Microsoft Teams) will enable us to forge a unique digital experience for both virtual and physical attendees, creating opportunities that will allow everyone to engage with this year’s event more fluidly, efficiently and safely.

Because the digital experience will have such a distinct focus for MWC22, Microsoft will be integrated into existing MWC digital platforms such as website & app, allowing attendees to connect one-to-one, or with more people in the video conference meeting room. They can even participate in Specialist Workshop roundtable sessions with like-minded experts. Other advantages include the ability to manage accounts, consume digital content and enjoy a touchless experience throughout the venue.

We’re excited about working together to evolve and adapt the largest tech industry event in the world to a new ecosystem, to protect revenue – and to offer the MWC experience in a way that suits everyone.

*The GSMA links up with LinkedIn *Our technical partner since 2015

The GSMA links up with LinkedIn Our technical partner since 2015

As a champion of connectivity and new ways of using technology, MWC Barcelona 2022 are once again proud to partner with LinkedIn.

Together we’ll be working to use digital innovation to enhance your networking experience at the world’s largest mobile industry event ­– as well as building on our long-standing partnership that has endured since 2015.

Improving networking functionality for the ecosystem

This year, our partnership accommodates the hybrid format perfectly, with a distinct focus on the digital experience.

Simply connect your MWC22 Barcelona and LinkedIn accounts together to open up a world of unique networking experiences. You’ll find that we’ve made it easier to build relationships with the right people, by using exclusive tools and insights.

You’ll be able to see which people from your LinkedIn Network are attending MWC22, and whoever you connect with at the event, will also be available on your LinkedIn account. Enjoy these features, plus many more when you connect both apps.

We’re thrilled that our collaboration will provide innovative ways to get business done – using the power of technology to link everyone together, no matter how they choose to take part.